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Electric motoring is growing in popularity and is now feeding more rapidly into motorsports and recreational motorcycle riding. We are now able to bring you the Talaria Sting; an innovative new addition to the electric dirt bike scene, boasting some notable performance advantages compared to its competitors. There will be more models to come in the future, so be sure to keep in touch for new additions and the latest in electric off-road motorcycling. Not to mention, we sell e-bikes and e-scooters for day-to-day riding too, so there is something for every kind of eco-friendly rider. Call or visit us today to find out more.

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Talaria sting

Thanks to racing and performance-based developments the Sting benefits from greater traction and improved ergonomics vs the competition with a hi-power to weight ratio. This model aims to take competitive dirt bike racing to new levels as well as enhance the riding experience for recreational riders.


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Price: 4495.00*


Today’s electric vehicles allow riders to reduce carbon emissions without reducing ride performance. The Sting e dirt bike is just one of many e motorcycles we stock and gives a whole new meaning to ‘green’ laning. What’s more, the rest of our range are Euro 5 compliant with reduced pollutant output. So, even if a fully electric motorcycle or dirt bike is not for you, we can help you finance an alternative that is still eco-friendly. So, no matter your budget, riding style or taste, we’re sure to have a bike or scooter to suit.

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