Electric Scooters & Motorcycles for Sale

As we become more environmentally conscious the demand for eco-friendly transportation is growing. We have a growing collection of electric scooters and motorcycles for sale from Lexmoto and Yadea that provide an exciting alternative to petrol-powered propulsion. With no compromise on comfort and performance, our range of road e-scooters and bikes are ideal for all riding capabilities. What’s more, the electrics we stock are eligible for the OLEV government grant scheme. So, if you are eager to get on the road but equally keen to protect our planet, one of our vehicles below could be just the ticket.

Yadea Electrics

Yadea C1S

A small yet mighty motor, the Yadea C1S has everything you need to make your ride a comfortable one. Popular with novice riders, this machine provides a perfect opportunity to do away with public transport and take charge of your daily commute.


Yadea G5

World leaders in electric operated transport, Yadea bring us the G5. With a super-simple, slimline design, this model is both compact and comfortable. Plus, the detachable power source means you can charge it up from the comfort of your home or office.


Yadea E-Lex

the Yadea E-Lex is a nimble and nifty commuter that is suitable for learner riders and AM licence holder as well as experienced riders. It offers simple, practical charging options with easily removable batteries and zero-emission output for reduced carbon contribution.


Lexmoto Electrics

Lexmoto Cypher

The first of its kind, the Cypher is revolutionising two-wheeled travel and helping to pave the way for sustainable, eco-friendly modes of travel at affordable prices.


Lexmoto LX06

The LX06 has all the advantages of a modern-day electric, with the charm, style and charisma of a vintage classic. Oozing Vespa-like appeal, this is the retro cycle you’ve been waiting for.


Lexmoto LX08

Impressive speeds make the LX08 a dream for urban terrain. Nimble and quick, with a quirky retro look and feel, this model is A1 compliant and superb for city commuting.


Along For The Eco-Friendly Ride

We aim to offer our customers vehicle options that not only meet their riding preferences but also allow them to reduce their carbon footprint. Our electric vehicles are the obvious choice when it comes to minimising our emissions, however, the rest of our range are Euro 5 compliant. This was introduced in 2020 and is mandatory for new bikes and scooters, meaning their exhaust pollution levels have been significantly reduced. So, whether you favour battery power or petrol power, greener riding is now a reality.

*All prices are subject to an on-the-road fee starting at £150. Ask in store for details.

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