Motorcycle Servicing, Repair and MOT

Not only can you come to us for a brand new set of wheels, but also to get your current vehicle serviced, repaired and MOT tested. Across our sites, we offer complete scooter and motorcycle care and maintenance services, from carrying out those annual checks to repairing running faults and replacing parts. We also stock plenty of Lexmoto and Lextek parts, accessories, and lubricants for those who prefer to get their own hands dirty. At our Exeter branch, we can carry out servicing, safety checks, and general mends. Meanwhile, our Crediton branch is a fully equipped motorcycle garage where more extensive work can be carried out, including MOTs, rebuilds, and major repairs. We can safely transport your vehicle between our sites, so regardless of your location, you can come to us to upkeep your vehicle.

MOT Testing for Bikes

An annual, legal requirement as with all vehicles, the bike MOT assesses whether your ride is roadworthy. All MOT testing is carried out at our Crediton branch and, where applicable, will cover:

Annual Motorbike Services

Meanwhile, an annual service covers all of the above and more. We have interim, full, and major service options which involve inspection and replacement of parts and components to varying degrees depending on the service level chosen. Motorbike services can cover:

Mechanical Repairs and Maintenance

Our mechanics have many years of experience working with motorbikes and scooters of all makes and models. Beginning in Crediton, and expanding more recently to Exeter, we have developed a firm reputation for great service at competitive prices. As a result, many customers bring their ‘pride and joys’ to us from further afield, where they know they receive reliable mechanical repair and maintenance at a fair price. So, if your motorcycle isn’t riding true, you require an engine rebuild, or it simply needs a little Treen TLC, get in touch to book an appointment with our technicians and we’ll get you back on the road in no time.

Visit Treen Motorcycles Today

For all your servicing and repair needs, or to book your bike in for an MOT, get in touch today, or visit us at Exeter or Crediton.

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